We spend most of our time and attention to our girls and wish for nothing less in their future loving homes. If your looking for an active familymember you’re at the right address. You are more then welcome to visite us or make an enquiry.

Quality shows at Border Motion:
We make lots of efforts to show our commitment to our race and quality:

  • Border Motion is official registred with the Raad van Beheer(Dutch Kennel Club) / FCI
  • We are a member of the Dutch Border Collie ClubI have a degree in:
  • First Aid for dogs
  • Canine Knowledge part 1 & 2 Dutch Kennel Club (KK1 & KK2 Raad van Beheer)
  • Exterior and Moving Dynamics Dutch Kennl Club (E&B Raad van Beheer)
  • Dutch degree Professional Dog & Cat (Vakbekwaamheid Honden & Katten / Besluit houders van dieren)
  • Certified Dogtrainer (O&O)
  • FCI judge

The little ones:

  • Will get a microchip and pedigree by the Ducth Kennel Club / FCI.
  • Will get wormtreatment at 2, 4, 6 en 8 weken. (and longer if the stay longer for abroad)
  • Will be vaccinated with 6 weeks (and with 9 and 12 if they stay longer for abroad).
  • Will have there own ‘suitcase’ filled with some goodies on leaving us.
  • Will be growing and being loved in our home and get to play outside from the age of 4 weeks.
  • Will get a good socialisation start here.